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Bishop Asili Counseling, Rehabilitation and Community Center (BACRC) is a nonprofit organization belonging and run by the Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church. The Centre principally deals with counseling of women, children, youth and men in all social aspects of life. We encourage them to transform their lives and live positively with in spite of their disadvantaged situations and difficult circumstances, including but not limited to, the victims of HIV/AIDS and war victims especially the women who have lost their husbands and are discouraged with life in the rural areas
To improve the lives of the disadvantaged and adversely affected women, men, and youth including children in the district of Lira, Uganda. We seek to strengthen women’s capacities through initiatives that promote human rights, livelihood, family solidarity, positive behavior, justice and peace, self reliance, and human development.  In executing our duties, the sisters cherish the value of love of God, teamwork, transparency, equity and environmental protection.
To help the   women and community asses their needs and concern by  living a self reliant life, be responsible of  their lives  as they discover  their own  potential resources and design their practical approaches for addressing  their problems in participatory  and sustainable way .they  think critically, be empowered and uphold their human dignity.
 Our Core Values  ‘CAPETEL’
Prayer/restoration  of hope
Listening with the third hear.
Area of Focus for BACRC  as an organization has six  thematic area of focus
·         Livelihoods (small Scale Farming)
·         Economic (Training group and Individual  in soap making and home economics),
·         Adult  Literacy programme
·         HIV/Aids  Counseling& Hygiene
·          Small saving and support group programme.
Human rights on women &Family Management
Targets Beneficiaries
·         Women, children, youth, and men that were formally abducted and domestically violated.
·         Patients living  with HIV in communities,care takers and volunteers.   

·         To counsel and  encourage gender equity among the local community,especially the women and  children. To cope with trauma and  they become healed and live a self-reliant life through  small income generating activities.

·         To empower  the  patients  and  care givers with  skills-oriented activities  so that they  are capable  of  being  transformative  agents of  self  and   others in  social  psychosocial support and Reintegration for Sustainable Development in HBC .

·         To give the women access to justice and advocate for the protection of their rights to enhance peaceful co-existence and participation of women in levels of decision making processes.

·          To create  a suitable  situation  that  can  encourage  expression and creation of new  knowledge  and awareness  that  will bring healing , freedom to the  patients  in the four parishes HBC training  will  change the approach of life  and many will adapt  to behavior change

·         To equip the community with the knowledge, psychosocial support and of income generating activities in the community through counseling and psycho education.

·         To strengthen  network  with  similar  organization in Lira, and other district in the country and  the rest of  World  with  similar interest of  helping the community to restore the social bond.


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